Power washing rochester ny


Precision Window Cleaning and Painting also provides expert power washing to all of the areas around your home that need it most.

Patios and walkways regardless of what type will absorb moisture and over time will grow mold.  We can clean these surfaces and have them looking brand new again.  Not only will this look fantastic but it will also ensure safety around your home.

The investment in vinyl and aluminum siding helps prevent you from needing to paint or stain your home every few years.  Unfortunately, vinyl and aluminum siding can have mold or mildew growth and can look dirty and less than appealing.  We can power wash your siding and bring it back to life.  We take extra care to protect the environment around your home and will leave your home looking brand new.

From patios and walkways to siding and any other area you may need power washing we will work with you and leave you 100% satisfied guaranteed.


What We Provide for Power Washing Services:

Vinyl Siding
Aluminum Siding


If you’re looking for the best professional Rochester NY and Finger Lakes Area power washing services, then give us a call today at 585-545-5553.